On January 17, Xi Jiangbei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Sanjiang Town, Nanchang County, and his party visited Sanxin Medical and sent Sanjiang special agricultural products to the company, including thousands of catties of fresh local pork and sweet wild water chestnuts. Peng Yixing, secretary of the general party branch and chairman of the company, warmly received him.


At the symposium, Mayor Xi had a cordial conversation with Peng Dong to learn more about the company’s development history, base construction, product structure, corporate culture and the company’s current production, research and development, business sales, etc. Mayor Xi fully affirmed the contribution made by Sanxin Medical in promoting the economic development of Sanjiang, creating jobs and fulfilling social responsibilities, and encouraged enterprises to stay true to their original aspirations, strive to become bigger and stronger, and demonstrate their responsibility as a national enterprise. Peng Dong expressed his gratitude to the trust and care of the party committee and government of Sanjiang Town, and said that Sanxin Medical will be rooted in the cause of health, uphold the original intention of improving the quality of life of patients, accelerate the promotion of innovative research and development, accelerate the process of domestic substitution, and highly demonstrate the “Xin” in improving national health and promoting the medical device industry to move towards “Xin”.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the cold is deep. Looking forward to the future, Sanxin Medical will focus on the goal of “going ahead, striving for the first, and doing good”, focus on the deployment of the provincial party committee to build the “three highlands” and implement the “five strategies”, continue to deepen the layout for the growing health needs of the people, empower the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry with scientific and technological innovation, and contribute to the development of the health cause.

Post time: Jan-18-2024