At the meeting, Mao Zhiping, director and president of the company, reviewed the work in 2023 and made arrangements for the key work in 2024. He emphasized that standing at a new starting point, we should deeply analyze and review the deficiencies and problems existing in 2023, continue to aim at the strategic goal of “blood purification industry platform operator and first-class manufacturer in the field of medical consumables”, closely focus on the original intention of improving the quality of life of patients, devote ourselves to the new journey with more enthusiasm, and implement the strategic goals and requirements in 2024.

The key work arrangements for January are as follows:

Open the group’s “six meetings”
Open the “two sessions” of the department
Implement the work before and after the Spring Festival
It is necessary to attach great importance to the work of ensuring security

The journey is thousands of miles away, and we will strive to open a new chapter. The broader the future, the more we need to open up; The more spectacular the summit, the more we need to climb it. In 2024, as long as we forge ahead, be down-to-earth, go all out, dare to think and dare to do, with the joint efforts of all Sanxin people, we will be able to move forward bravely and create brilliance!


Post time: Jan-18-2024