According to reports, Revital Healthcare Limited, a local manufacturer of medical supplies in Kenya, has received nearly 400 million shillings from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote syringe manufacturing after the continued shortage of syringes in Africa.
According to sources, the funds will be used by Revital Healthcare Limited to increase the production of automatic banned vaccine syringes. According to reports, the company will expand its output from 72 million to 265 million by the end of 2022.
After the World Health Organization announced its concerns about vaccine shortages in Africa, it put forward the need to increase production. Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa, said that due to the shortage of syringes, the Covid-19 vaccine campaign may be stopped and measures should be taken to increase production.
According to reliable reports, the 2021 Covid-19 vaccination and childhood immunizations have increased the demand for automatic banned syringes.
According to reports, for laymen, Revital produces various medical equipment, such as different types of syringes, rapid malaria detection kits, PPE, rapid Covid antigen detection kits, oxygen products and other products. The company also manufactures medical equipment for nearly 21 countries around the world, including government organizations such as UNICEF and WHO.
Roneek Vora, director of sales, marketing and development at Revital Healthcare, stated that the supply of syringes in Africa should be expanded to ensure sufficient supplies on the continent. He added that Revital is happy to be part of the global vaccination campaign and plans to become Africa’s largest medical supplier by 2030, enabling Africa to be self-reliant in meeting its demand for healthcare products.
It is speculated that Revital Healthcare Limited is currently the only manufacturer that has passed the prequalification of the World Health Organization to produce syringes in Africa.
According to reports, the expansion of auto-disabled syringes and Revital’s goal of expanding other medical device manufacturing will create 100 new jobs and 5,000 indirect jobs for people. The company is committed to retaining at least 50% of jobs for women.
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Post time: Nov-20-2021