On the afternoon of November 10, 2021, Jiang Yan, deputy director of Nanchang Science and Technology Bureau, and Shu Qinli, chief of science and Technology Evaluation and Supervision Department of Nanchang Science and Technology Bureau organized relevant technical experts and financial experts to visit Sanxin Medical.They carried out on-site acceptance of the company’s major scientific and technological research projects: new hemodialyzer and dialysis membrane spinning key technology development projects.

At the acceptance meeting, the expert group carried out the acceptance work strictly in accordance with the project acceptance procedure. Mao Zhiping, general manager of the company, and Liu Bingrong, director of legal affairs, respectively made a brief report on the overall situation of the company and the completion of the key technology development projects of new hemodialyzer and dialysis membrane spinning. Subsequently, expert group and city science and technology bureau leadership line looked at the production site.

By the expert inquiry, discussion, experts believe the project research and development of “new PP material dialyser” related specifications conform to the requirements of the product technology, project funds in place timely and reasonable use, high flux, low flux PP dialyser has in June and July 2021 respectively to obtain three kinds of medical device registration certificate issued by the state drug administration, The project successfully completed the tasks and objectives agreed in the contract, and the experts at the meeting agreed that the project passed the acceptance.

After announcing the acceptance of the project, Deputy Director Jiang Yan encouraged the company to continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, continue to increase investment in RESEARCH and development, and make full use of a series of scientific and technological achievements achieved to accelerate the implementation of the transformation of achievements, and contribute to the high-quality development of Nanchang City.

Post time: Nov-17-2021