Sanxin medical has been to advance innovation, the pursuit of excellence as the direction of continuous breakthrough.
This year, Sanxin launched four new products, constantly improve the whole industrial chain solutions in the field of blood purification, and strive to benefit global hemodialysis patients with excellent products.

Today “xiaoxin” will introduce our new PP dialyzer in detail.


New generation PP series dialyzer

BPA free, safe and efficient dialysis

Mirror cut end face, minimize blood cell adhesion and damage

Fully automated equipment, efficient and safe production

A new generation of self-developed nano-regulated polyethersulfone fiber membrane

Asymmetrical three – layer cross – section structure

The intermediate support layer provides good mechanical strength

The inner dense layer provides molecular screening capability

It can effectively block the backosmosis of endotoxin on dialysate side


Pyrogen retention effect of high flux dialyzer with different permeability

Using PP material, without BPA, dialysis is safer

        BPA is widely regarded as an exogenous environmental endocrine disruptor.If it accumulates in the body, it can lead to the potential harm of multiple systems.The molecular weight of BPA is 228.29kDa, which can be removed intermittently by hemodialysis. However, the weekly dialysis time of some patients is short, and the dialysis adequacy is not good. In the long term, there is still the possibility of bisphenol A accumulation in the body.

For patients with maintenance hemodialysis, sufficient dialysis time should be guaranteed to strengthen the adequacy of dialysis, and if possible, long-term use of dialyzer with high BPA elution should be avoided as far as possible

Ultrasonic welding, no processing AIDS, dialysis more safe and stable

         PP material is used instead of PC material, PP material is non-polar material. Using ultrasonic welding PP material, and no processing additives, in the sealing, stability and safety has been greatly improved.



Post time: Nov-10-2021