On September 2, Song Guangzheng, president of Hunan Medical Device Industry Association, Ying Shuhua, president of Nanchang Medical Device Industry Association and other leaders visited Sanxin Medical to Communcating work and discuss industry development together. Mr. MAO Zhiping, general manager of the company, Ms. Yuan Fan, manager of administration Department and related management staff gave warm reception.

The development of the industry is inseparable from product innovation. In the company’s product exhibition hall and production workshop, leaders from Hunan Province and Nanchang Medical Device Industry Association had a detailed understanding of the company’s r&d and innovation process. Ms. Yuan Fan, manager of administration Department, also reported in detail the strategic direction of the company’s key development during the “14th five-year plan”, especially the planning and construction of blood purification products.

When President Song learned that currently there are five enterprises in China that have obtained seven registration certificates of disposable sterile self-destructing fixed dose vaccine syringes from the State Food and Drug Administration, and Sanxin Medical owns two of them, he spoke highly of them. And said that today’s visit is very meaningful, he has a deeper contact and learning of Sanxin Medical, medical device industry in Jiangxi province. Under the circumstance of increasingly strict market regulation, exchanges and discussions between associations should be strengthened to learn and make progress together and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Ying Shuhua, president of Nanchang Medical Device Industry Association, positively agreed, saying that we should continue to do a good job in industry exchanges, learn from each other and progress, discuss development experience, so that the medical device industry association can exert greater strength and make greater contributions to the society and the people.

Post time: Sep-10-2021