High Quality Disposable Sterile Hemodialysis Tube

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The Sterile Hemodialysis Circuits for Single Use are in direct contact with the patient’s blood and used for a short period of five hours. This product is used clinically, with dialyzer and dialyzer, and functions as blood channel in hemodialysis treatment. The arterial bloodline takes the patient’s blood out of the body, and the venous circuit brings the “treated” blood back to the patient.

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Sanxin Medtec produces high quality blood tubing set for all your dialysis needs,fitting most of dialyzers and dialysis equipments. Each manufacturing step is strictly controlled from plastic formulation to final sterilization.
1.Smooth tube inner wall
The blood cell damage and air bubbles generation are reduced.
2.High-quality medical grade raw materials
Excellent material, stable technical indicators and good biocompatibility.
3.Excellent adaptability

It can be used with models of various manufacturers, and the tube can be customized, and accessories such as drain bag and infusion set can be selected.
4. According to customers’ requirements, we can produce what you need.
Professional: With Professional  engineers & technicians & sale team.
Now are being leading exporter and distributor from China of medical devices for global customers.

Quality Assurance: Professional Inspector, control quality of each order. ISO9001:2008;  ISO 13485:2003 certified manufacturing facility.
Ethical business dealings:  Clients satification survey per month.
Company Belief: Sanxin to be your package solution.

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