Sterile hemodialysis blood circuits for single use

Short Description:

The Sterile Hemodialysis Circuits for Single Use are in direct contact with the patient’s blood and used for a short period of five hours. This product is used clinically, with dialyzer and dialyzer, and functions as blood channel in hemodialysis treatment. The arterial bloodline takes the patient’s blood out of the body, and the venous circuit brings the “treated” blood back to the patient.

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Main Features:

◆ Safety material (DEHP free)
The tube is made of PVC material and is DEHP free,ensuring the patient’s dialysis safety.

◆ Smooth tube inner wall
The blood cell damage and air bubbles generation are reduced.

◆ High-quality medical grade raw materials
Excellent material,stable technical indicators and good biocompatibility.

◆ Excellent adaptability
It can be used with models of various manufacturers, and the blood circuits/bloodline can be customized, and accessories such as drain bag and infusion set can be selected.

◆ Patented design
Pipe clip: Optimized ergonomic design for easy and reliable operating performance.
Venous pot: The unique inner cavity of the venous pot reduces the formation of air bubbles and blood clotting.
Inject the protective wing:with the three-way sampling port to reduce the risk of being pricked by needles during sampling or injection, so as to protect the doctors and nurses.

Hemodialysis Blood Circuits specification and models:

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