Hollow fiber hemodialyzer (low flux)

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In hemodialysis, the dialyzer acts as an artificial kidney and replace vital functions of the natural organ.
Blood flows through as many as 20,000 extremely fine fibers, known as capillaries, clustered in a plastic tube approximately 30 centimeters long.
The capillaries are made of Polysulfone (PS) or Polyethersulfone (PES), a special plastic with exceptional filtering and hemo compatibility characteristics.
Pores in the capillaries filter metabolic toxins and excess water from the blood and flush them out of the body with dialysis fluid.
Blood cells and vital proteins remain in the blood. Dialyzers are used only once in the most of industrialized countries.
Clinical application of disposable hollow fiber hemodialyzer can be divided into two series: High Flux and Low Flux.

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Main Features:

◆ High-quality material
Our dialyzer use high-quality polyethersulfone (PES),the dialysis membrane made in Germany.
Smooth and compact inner surface of the dialysis membrane is close to natural blood vessels, having more superior biocompatibility and anticoagulant function. In the meanwhile, PVP cross-linking technology is used to reducing the PVP dissolution.
The blue shell (vein side) and red shell (artery side) are made of Bayer radiation resistant PC material and also PU adhesive made in Germany

◆ Strong endotoxin retention capability
The asymmetric membrane structure on the blood side and the dialysate side effectively prevents endotoxins from entering the human body.

◆ Hight efficient dispersion
Proprietary P.E.T dialysis membrane bundling technology, dialysate diversion patent technology, significantly improve the diffusion efficiency of small and medium-sized molecular toxins

◆ High degree of automation of production line, reduce human operation error
The whole process detection with 100% blood leakage detection and plugging detection

◆ Multiple models for option
A variety of models of hemodialyzer can meet the treatment needs of different patients, increase the range of product models, and provide clinical institutions with more systematic and comprehensive dialysis treatment solutions.

Low flux series specification and models:

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