Cold cardioplegic solution perfusion apparatus for single use

Short Description:

This series of products are used for blood cooling, cold cardioplegic solution perfusion and oxygenated blood during cardiac operation under direct vision.

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Main Features:

It is composed of a thermostatic device, a liquid storage part and a pump pipe with a maximum prefilling capacity of 1000ml.

This product is suitable for different models, can be used in different ways of perfusion ratio.

It has the characteristics of flexible use, stable variable temperature performance, less residual perfusion liquid, small inlet and outlet pressure.

Myocardial protective fluid infusion device

The heart is the most active organ of human body mechanical movement, with heavy burden and large oxygen consumption, which provides power for systemic blood circulation and cannot be stopped for a moment.

The device can be used for cardiopulmonary arrest and improvement of myocardial ischemia and hypoxia when blood extracorporeal circulation is established in open heart surgery.

Specification and models:

Item No / Parameter 70110 70210 70310
Maximum blood storage 1000 ml 200ml 200ml
Ice water storage 1800 ml ≥ 2000 ml ≥ 2000 ml
Output diameter 1/4 (ϕ 6.4) 1/8 (ϕ 3.2) 1/8 (ϕ 3.2)
Dosing diameter ϕ 26, 6% luer inner connector / /
Temperature measuring diameter ϕ 7 / /
Ice adding diameter 115 mm ≥ 250 mm ≥ 250 mm

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