Dialysate filter

Short Description:

Ultrapure dialysate filters are used for bacterial and pyrogen filtration
Used in conjunction with the hemodialysis device produced by Fresenius
The working principle is to supporting the hollow fiber membrane to process the dialysate
Hemodialysis device and prepare the dialysate meets the requirements.
Dialysate should be replaced after 12 weeks or 100 treatments.

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Main Features:

◆Specially made membrane,the hollow fiber filtering membrane is customized for the dialysate filter, and it has excellent biocompatibility and strong endotoxin retention capability.
◆Significantly reducing and improving the patient's micro-inflammatory reaction.Reducing β2 microglobulin level and dialyzer amyloidosis.
◆Increasing the sensitivity to EPO and protecting residual renal function.
Dialysate filter specification and models:
A-Ⅰ,A-Ⅱ,A-Ⅲ, A-Ⅳ

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