Central venous catheter pack

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DOUBLE LUMEN: 6.5RF(18Ga.18Ga) and 12RF(12Ga.12Ga)……
TRIPLE LUMEN:12RF(16Ga.12Ga.12Ga)

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Jiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in medical device R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. After more than 20 years of accumulation, the company has a global perspective, closely following national development strategies, closely following clinical needs, relying on a sound quality management system and mature R&D and manufacturing advantages, Sanxin has taken the lead in the industry to pass the CE and CMD quality Management system.
◆The catheter is made of high-quality X-ray opaque PU material, which has good biocompatibility.
◆The surface of the catheter tip is super smooth to reduce platelet adhesion and reduce the chance of thrombosis.
◆The guide wire and the push frame are in the humanized design to improve the safety and operation ease of the guide wire into the blood vessel.
Models and specifications:
DOUBLE LUMEN: 6.5RF(18Ga.18Ga) and 12RF(12Ga.12Ga)......
TRIPLE LUMEN:12RF(16Ga.12Ga.12Ga)

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