• Auto stop fluid precise filter infusion set

    Auto stop fluid precise filter infusion set

    The membrane structure auto stop fluid infusion set integrates auto stop fluid and medical solution filtration functions. The liquid can be stopped stably even if the body position is changed excessively or the infusion is suddenly raised. The operation is consistent with, and even easier than that of ordinary infusion sets. The membrane structure auto stop fluid infusion set is more competitive and has better market prospects.

  • Hypodermic needle

    Hypodermic needle

    The disposable hypodermic injection needle is composed of a needle holder, a needle tube and a protective sleeve. The materials used meet the medical requirements and are sterilized by ethylene oxide. This product is aseptic and free of pyrogen. suitable for intradermal, subcutaneous, muscle, vein injection, or extraction of liquid medicine for use.

    Model specifications:From 0.45mm to 1.2 mm

  • Pneumatic needleless syringe

    Pneumatic needleless syringe


    The injection dose is adjusted by precision thread, and the dose error is better than that of a continuous syringe.

  • Needleless injection system

    Needleless injection system

    ◆Painless injection to relieve the psychological pressure of patients;
    ◆Subcutaneous diffusion technology to improve drug absorption rate;
    ◆Needle-free injection to avoid needle stick injuries of medical staff;
    ◆Protect the environment and solve the medical waste recycling problem of traditional injection devices.

  • Dispenser syringe

    Dispenser syringe

    Disposable drug-dissolving syringes are widely used products at home and abroad. In actual clinical work, medical staff need to use some large-sized syringes and large-sized injection needles to dispense pharmaceutical liquids. The disposable aseptic solvents produced by our company Medical syringes have been widely used clinically, and the social and economic benefits are significant. The drug-dissolving syringe is required to be non-toxic and sterile, so it is produced and packaged in a 100,000-level workshop. The product consists of a syringe, a drug-dissolving injection needle, and a protective cover. The syringe jacket and core rod are made of polypropylene, and the piston is made of natural rubber. This product is suitable for pumping and injecting liquid medicine when dissolving medicine. Not suitable for human intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection.

  • Insulin syringe

    Insulin syringe

    The insulin syringe is divided into the nominal capacity by the nominal capacity: 0.5mL, 1mL. Injector needles for insulin syringes are available in 30G, 29G.

    The insulin syringe is based on the kinetic principle, using the interference fit of the core rod and the outer sleeve (with the piston), by suction and/or pushing force generated by manual action, for clinical aspiration of liquid medicine and / or injection of liquid medicine, mainly For clinical injection (patient subcutaneous, intravenous, intramuscular injection), health and epidemic prevention, vaccination, etc.

    The insulin syringe is a sterile product that is intended for single use only and is sterile for five years. The insulin syringe and the patient are invasive contact, and the use time is within 60 minutes, which is temporary contact.

  • Syringe for fixed dose immunization

    Syringe for fixed dose immunization

    Sterile Syringe has been used in medical institutions at home and abroad for decades. It is a mature product widely used in subcutaneous, intravenous and intramuscular injections for clinical patients.

    We began researching and developing Sterile Syringe for Single Use in 1999 and passed CE certification for the first time in October 1999. The product is sealed in a single layer package and sterilized by ethylene oxide before being delivered out of the factory. It is for single use and the sterilization is valid for three to five years.

    The biggest feature is the Fixed Dose

  • Retractable auto-disable syringe

    Retractable auto-disable syringe

    Retractable Auto-Disable Syringe biggest feature is the injection needle will completely pulled back into the sheath to prevent the risk of needle sticks. The special structure design enables the conical connector to drive the injection needle assembly to completely retract into the sheath, effectively preventing the risk of needle sticks for medical staff.

    1. Stable product quality, full automatic production control.
    2. The rubber stopper is made of natural rubber, and the core rod is made of PP safety material.
    3. Complete specifications can meet all clinical injection needs.
    4. Provide soft paper-plastic packaging, environment-friendly materials, easy to unpack.

  • Accessories tubing for HDF

    Accessories tubing for HDF

    This product is used in the clinical blood purification process as a pipeline for hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration treatment and delivery of replacement fluid.

    It is used for hemodiafiltration and hemodiafiltration. Its function is to transport the replacement fluid used for treatment

    Simple structure

    Different types Accessories tubing for HDF are suitable for different dialysis machine.

    Can add medicine and other uses

    It is mainly composed of pipeline, T-joint and pump tube, and is used for hemodiafiltration and hemodiafiltration.

  • Hemodialysis concentrates

    Hemodialysis concentrates

    Single-patient package, single-patient package (fine package),
    Double-patient package,double-patient package (fine package)

  • Disposable extracorporeal circulation tubing kit for artificial heart-lung machinec

    Disposable extracorporeal circulation tubing kit for artificial heart-lung machinec

    This product is composed of pump tube, aorta blood supply tube, left heart suction tube, right heart suction tube, return tube, spare tube, straight connector and three-way connector, and is suitable for connecting the artificial heart-lung machine to various devices to form an arteriovenous blood system circuit during the extracorporeal blood circulation for heart surgery.

  • Blood microembolus filter for single use

    Blood microembolus filter for single use

    This product is used in cardiac operation under direct vision to filter out various microembolisms, human tissues, blood clots, microbubbles and other solid particles in the blood extracorporeal circulation. It can prevent the patient’s microvascular embolism and protect the human blood microcirculation.